San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency

The San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) was looking for a way to cohesively bring together a series of educational videos developed for their Vision Zero, road safety program.

As the lead designer on a small team, I conceptualized and designed a branded animated bumper to open and close each video.

Work completed at MIG.

Taking cues from the color palette and iconographic style of the Vision Zero brand, the final video bumper uses a graphic approach that builds upon itself. 

Reflected in the animation is Vision Zero SF's mission to build safety and livability on the city's streets, a goal that's inclusive of all forms of transportation and people.

Early concepts and process

Three concepts and storyboards were originally presented to SFMTA, of which one was chosen and brought to life.

SFMTA Vision Zero
SFMTA Vision Zero Concept 1

Concept 1: The first concept used animated silhouettes and humorous commentary to help host each video.

SFMTA Vision Zero Concept 2
SFMTA Vision Zero Concept 2

Concept 2: The second approach involved stop-action animation to convey a tactile feel as hands put together a paper cut-out of San Francisco. The hands bring a diverse, human touch to the series, a way of emphasizing a communal, “we’re in this together” tone.

SFMTA Vision Zero Concept 3
SFMTA Vision Zero Concept 3

Concept 3: The final and chosen concept, used a series of animated lines and objects to illustrate motion on the streets and connections between drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians. Upon approval, and under my leadership and design this concept was further developed and animated.

Final design

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