Clipper East Bay Campaign

As the lead designer on a bilingual campaign for Clipper card, the Bay Area's transit card, my team reached Clipper users by highlighting the trips and connections riders make on public transit.

Deliverables for the campaign creative included: advertising in BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) stations, bus advertising, and display and print advertising on local news sites and newspapers.

Work completed at MIG.

Clipper East Bay Campaign Ad

Clipper card was expanding to four new transit agencies in the Bay Area's East Bay. With this launch, Clipper would now be accepted on all agencies in the area, and riders could seamlessly transfer from one to next reaching even more places.

After analyzing transit usage in the area (through data collected by the transit agencies), two campaign audiences were identified: commuters traveling to and from BART, and local, transit dependent riders primarily of Hispanic heritage.

Working closely with the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, we identified six destinations that these two audiences regularly travel, to feature in the campagin creative.

Clipper East Bay Campaign Station Ad
Clipper East Bay Campaign Digital Ad
Clipper East Bay Campaign Bus Ad

Each creative features large focused imagery juxtaposed with thoughtful, pared down headlines on blocks of color. With six visual variations, we aimed to portray the possibilities and seamlessness of using a Clipper card.

Research and sketches

Prior to concepting, I researched materials from related transit campaigns, as well as imagery that was reflective of the emotions of travel and the joy of reaching a destination or place.

Early concepts
Clipper East Bay Campaign Concept
Clipper East Bay Campaign Concept
Clipper East Bay Campaign Concept
Clipper East Bay Campaign Concept

Four concepts were presented to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Each concept aimed to make a personal connection with riders while also focusing on Clipper's final expansion.


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