Rethink Food

Sustainable buinesses remain resilient by creating models that connect to healthy economic, social, and environmental systems. The not for profit Rethink Food embodies this sense of connection by rethinking our food systems through repurposing food waste to nourish those who need it most, in a dignified way. I analyzed Rethink Food's business model and value proposition to better understand how they're disrupting our food systems. Through identifying business model patterns, building empathy maps and service blueprints, and looking at related businesses, I established opportunities for future success. The video below documents this analysis. 

This project was completed over a week in the Sustainable Business Models course during the Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design. The course focused on how we can challenge traditional orthodoxies, and design viable businesses that create value for consumers and a positive impact in our communities.

Work completed at Parsons School of Design.

Below are highlights from the video featuring Rethink Food's business model canvas, an empathy map and service blueprint for one of their audiences, restaurants, and three of the business model patterns Rethink Food implements in their model.

Rethink Food Business Model Canvas
Rethink Food Empathy Map
Rethink Food Service Blueprint

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