The New Economy


Change occurs at the intersection of discomfort and urgency. Through authenticity, honesty, a critical eye, and compassion, a good leader can thrive in these conditions. As a part of the Global Executive MS in Strategic Design and Management at Parsons School of Design, our course in the new economies surveyed aspects and angles of different industries, and the contexts, complexities, and conditions, that are in turn creating opportunities, challenges, and a mandate for change in leadership and innovation.

My team of three researched each industry and designed the below concepts, each within a week.

Work completed at Parsons School of Design.

Designing for Inclusivity at Dove

While investigating the inherent bias that’s embedded within brands, my team took a closer look at the cultural marketing missteps taken by Unilever’s Dove brand as it relates to racial insensitivities.

In response to these previous missteps, we developed the #IAMCROWN social campaign concept, to compliment Dove's more recent efforts towards inclusivity, and to raise awareness and encourage direct action from Dove to increase access and equity for BIPOC communities.

Part of the campaign is the introduction of a signature collection that’s reflective of a multitude of skin tones and needs through their signature beauty bar. Accompanying the collection is a 10-point commitment to making beyond skin deep changes to shift the culture of the company itself. In addition to strategic contributions I designed the visuals and produced the video for distribution. 

Get Moving Again With Uber

With COVID-19 leading to a decline across the ride share industry, our team designed a 10-point plan for Uber to persuade former and new riders to again feel confident and safe reaching their destination. In researching travel and transit during the pandemic, we concentrated our plan on highlighting key measures that would address riders' feelings of safety, in addition to vehicle cleanliness.

The 10 points are designed as a one-sheeter that can be distributed and hung in vehicles. The one-sheeter's visual language is influenced by Uber's brand guidelines. After completion of this deliverable, the design would then be applied to similar materials across social, website pages, and in-app. We also discussed how additional materials would be created for a driver audience, and across all of Uber’s verticals (UberEats, Jump...).


Donations for FAIR Girls

Through learning about the evolution of giving and receiving within charities, NGOs, and non-profits, our team created a donation video for FAIR Girls, an organization that looks to eradicate human trafficking, a crisis that has affected over 24.9 million victims globally. With the COVID-19 pandemic stalling donations across non-profits, we designed a video that highlights FAIR Girls' mission, testimonials, and human trafficking victim numbers to persuade donors to give to FAIR Girls' Amazon wish list, which donates directly to victims and their immediate needs. In addition to researching the charity, NGO, and non-profit industries with my teammates, I designed the visual language and produced the donation video.


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