MIG Corporate Site

MIG plans, designs and sustains environments that support human development. With an online presence that wasn't representative of the growth and personality of the organization, MIG was looking to update its corporate website.

I served as the lead designer, collaborating with the Associate Art Director, in rethinking MIG's site. Through stakeholder meetings, and user research and in-house testing conducted at MIG, the updated site more holistically displays MIG's project work and serves as a hub for the organization's thought leadership, knowledge and expertise.

Work completed at MIG.

MIG desktop
MIG mobile

The site's visual design references the MIG brand through its use color, type, and brand elements, while allowing for an open canvas for MIG's projects and the site content to come to forefront.

MIG's broad range of skills and expertise goes beyond project work. In order to fully capture MIG to the site's two audience types, people and organizations that hire MIG and those individuals who apply to be a part of the team, a conclusion based on analytics of site traffic and internal discussions, in this updated site iteration we elevated thought leadership through a prominent News + Ideas module and a changing carousel. This change in content hierarchy was determined through stakeholder meetings and a competitor analysis.

MIG Work Page

With a database of projects that span a wide range of work types, and an understanding that audiences search organically for project examples, categorizing each project in an accessible and easy to find way became a major undertaking.

Through research on industry term usage, meetings with stakeholders, and in-house testing, three overarching categories with subcategories were determined. 

MIG Site Architecture

When we began the redesign process, we prioritized the previous site content based on MIG's growing expertise and mission, eliminating and adding content where necessary. Through site analytics and discussions with MIG decision makers we established clear audience types to ground our approach. Further, we did an extensive competitor analysis to better understand the design landscape that MIG was practicing.  

Final Design

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