The Customer Experience Design team at MetLife was looking to increase employee engagement and establish a shared direction and sense of purpose in their work. I served as the creative lead for NationSwell, collaborating with two colleagues on a week-long sprint in designing and facilitating a Purpose Workshop for approximately 40 employees of all levels.

Through my early involvement my design thinking and ideation led to contributions to our strategic approach and creation of materials that were congruent with the project and client goals. To support the day's activities and teachings, in addition to a presentation to facilitate discussion, I designed and acquired budget for a branded pocket-sized workbook for each participant, that housed the activities with ample room for notes. The workbook was constructed to be easily taken with each team member as a reminder of the discussions and themes of the day.

As a result of our workshop, the team at MetLife was using the day's learnings as a foundation to create an internal committee working in service of structural and cultural change. As of February 2020, NationSwell was in discussions with MetLife for a continued partnership.

Work completed at NationSwell.

MetLife Purpose Workshop

The design of the notebook combines elements from the MetLife and NationSwell brands elevating the partnership, while maintaining a clean, accessible format to promote its use during the workshop. 

MetLife Purpose Workshop

The day consisted of an icebreaker and two activities that fostered open discussion and communication among MetLife's team. 

MetLife Purpose Workshop

A presentation outlining the day and providing examples of successful purpose driven teams supported NationSwell's facilitation.

Workshop Photos
MetLife Purpose Workshop

During the day, the team at MetLife actively participated in the discussions with the use of our materials.

Through our partnership, our team stimulated new ways of seeing entrenched problems with fresh optimism through the lens of problem-solving and the power of connections.


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