When not part of their daily schedule and for a temporary period of time, people have a hard time remembering how and when to take care of their knees, causing both frustration, and more importantly a decrease in health.

KneeFix reminds users when and how to take care of their knee pain, allowing them to discover new exercises and health regimens, while also providing note taking space for doctors and physical therapists along the way.

Work completed at General Assembly.


Research within the health care industry has shown that knee injuries are both common and costly. From 1999-2008, 6.6 million knee injuries were seen in U.S. emergency rooms. Of those injuries, 150,000 ACL injuries are seen every year. Further, every year $500 Million of U.S. health-care costs are spent on knee injuries.


Process images
KneeFix Wireframes
KneeFix Sketches
KneeFix User Flow
KneeFix Persona

Through observations (12 people in 3 locations), interviews (5), and an online survey (32 responses) five key concerns were identified. These findings informed how and when people use reminders (both digital and by hand), how they feel about pain, when and how they exercise, and how they search for health information. Based on this research, two personas and user stories were developed.

With these key personas in mind, I developed flows, followed by an iterative process of sketches, wireframes, and mockups, which were tested in PopApp and InVision. Through the development of a moodboard, branding, and further testing, a visual style was applied, keeping in mind the principles of reliability, encouragement, and welcoming.

Final mockup
KneeFix Mockup
KneeFix Mockup

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